Welcome to Tame Raibu: Unsung Heroes! Tame Raibu is an old forum-based sci-fi anime-style rpg started by Ben J. and Kaleb M. back in 2009. Back then it was a forum thread called “The Supreme Anime Roleplay” where anyone could make an anime character or play an already existing one and do anime-like things. It began as a small group doing seemingly random adventures until a plot began to take shape. Eventually when all that was left was Ben and Kaleb, what is now known as Tame Raibu began to take place. With the occasional come and go person, these two remained playing all the way until mid 2010, when the main series ended mid-way through Season 2. Beginning in 2010, a few movie parodies were written for Tame Raibu based off popular movies at the time. This ended sometime around 2011. In January of 2016, Ben J. revived the old Tame Raibu story on a website used to run a server admined and run by Kaleb M. This revival would be run by Ben, allowing anyone who was interested to make a character and play along in a time period representing 4 years after the events of original Tame Raibu. Major changes and character re-structures were done before this revival, and played out during the story itself, blending seamlessly for those new to the series.

The wiki and characters in this site are updated when the characters in the series learn the relevant information.

Tame' Raibu: Unsung Heroes

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