Galactic Terror


Race: ?
Gender: (Male?)
Age: ?
Hair: ?
Eyes: ?
Skin: ?


Nothing much is known about Master besides the basics; he’s an unstoppable terror who created an army of self-reproducing robots. The robots grow and multiply at alarming rates, building entire flag ships in mere days, not requiring breaks or sleep, and always accurately knowing where to go and what to do.

Master himself seems to excel at every field. He’s insanely strong and durable, being known to take bullet storms and lasers without flinching. He’s also incredibly intelligent, which shows when he stays 3 steps ahead of his foes, always able to predict what they will do next. The only individuals who’ve been known to defeat Master in combat were the five generals of the Karma Alliance.

Who Master truly is inside his suit, and what his real motives are remain unclear.


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