Minir Grod

Karma Alliance Private


Race: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 27
Hair: None (Brown)
Eyes: Brown
Skin: White


Minir Grod is a moderately built 6’2" soldier from earth. He was working for the global security Unit in the U.S. for a 4 years, until quitting due to an unfortunate incident. Minir’s family consists of, Atla (mother), Braidon (father), Eddard (older brother) and Sima (younger sister). As a young Boy Minir always excelled in physical challenges such as running, jumping, climbing and even catching a fast ball. He excelled at mathematics and gave a great deal of interest in History, usually having him asking questions all day which even resulted in him reading historical books from the library. At 15 his father brother and even his little sister found a run down car, and decided to tow it home and fix it up as a family project. Always looked at the stars, and knowing that one day he will be up there and see it all.

His last job with his crew ended badly, and costed them their lives, minus Minir and his Pal Sceno who also wishes to join Karma. Their transport ship was attacked by Master’s army. Grod was enraged at first and wanted pay back, with Sceno trying to get Grod to return to his senses. Grod was smart enough to realize he was unable to confront Master on his own and sought out those already in conflict with them. Luckily, enough of certain propaganda caught his eye while drinking away some painful memories at a bar. Grod trained up a bit and came to his senses and no longer seeks revenge. However, he doesn’t take losing comrades well.

Grod is laid back when in the company of brothers and attentive most of the time but more so when in the presence of a superior. He is intelligent and quick thinking, and handles his own as a long range shooter. Grod usually smirks when he thinks he’s being funny, but most of the time he doesn’t even realize he’s smirking. (It’s a case of the “Don’t make that face or it’ll get stuck like that”-mom)

Minir Grod

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